Design office: luxury carpet creation in France

Design office: luxury carpet creation in France

Today, the major industries of manufacturing decorative objects and objets d’art are engaged in the creation of exceptional pieces such as high-end carpets. Inspired by the cultural heritage and ornamental style of oriental countries, the designers make the effort to create original carpets by mixing traditional and contemporary styles. The Édition Bougainville design studio, for example, offers the possibility of ordering a hand-woven rug by talented craftsmen to customers. Each creation is manufactured in the rules of the traditional art and in the respect of the ancestral know-how. The Édition Bougainville studio has a design office currently focusing on the creation of carpets. Discover more : The dazzling return of the carpet in the world of interior decoration explains this choice.

Choosing the right size for your carpet

It is advisable to consider a few points with choosing a rug: size, design, material … The style of your carpet usually depends on your taste and your interior decoration. You must also consider the room in which to put it: the living room, the bedroom, the dining room, the office… In addition to the style, the question of size also matters. Learn more : For the dining room or living room, it is better to opt for a large carpet. In general, its length must exceed the dining table or the coffee table. With a large rug, you will be able to move around your table always staying on the carpet. If you have a spacious room, do not hesitate to take a large model. With matching cushions, it can serve as a pleasant and comfortable relaxation area. For a small living room, a small rug is best suited not to overload or clutter the room.

The carpets are often of medium size. They are most often used as bedspreads. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors. For the hallway, the best is to choose a bespoke model because you have to have a carpet with the right length and width. Entrance mats or mats are small and will depend on the opening of the door. They are today more and more personalized according to your preferences. They are offered in different shapes and with various patterns. Depending on the room to which your carpet will be intended, the consulting firms specializing in the manufacture of carpets in France can advise you on the ideal size.

Maintenance of high end carpets

Luxury carpets are exceptional and valuable objects that require rigorous maintenance. Thus, they will keep their singular appearance and last longer. As carpets retain dust and nuisance bugs, regular cleaning is important. The washing instructions for each carpet must be followed according to its material and its particularities. Be careful not to use any product to remove stains.
If you want to keep your carpet longer, you have to take care of it and be careful. When moving furniture on top, for example, it is advisable to use moving-furniture pads. When vacuuming your carpet, be sure to do so in the direction of velvet so as not to damage the wicks. Avoid beating the carpet to dust it off as it destroys its knots and fibers.
For the maintenance of wool carpets, it is recommended to take some precautions. Indeed, wool is a fairly sensitive material. To avoid weakening the rug, clean it with a paper towel or a cotton cloth and a stain remover with a neutral pH. When removing a stain, be careful not to wet the rug too much.

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