Helicopter pilot in France

Helicopter pilot in France

If you want to enjoy the joys of the helicopter. So choose a flight where you can take control of the plane and discover the stationary mode, flight and basic maneuvers. At the same time, you will be in control of your device, safely. Becoming a helicopter pilot in France is a procedure that costs money, but is feasible. Anyone wishing to fly without training must pass the license of a private pilot. More information : https://www.blueberryaviation.com/ . If you want to become a professional helicopter pilot, you will have to pass the license of a professional pilot. Then you will have to accumulate flying hours.

The Helicopter Private Pilot License

The Helicopter Private Pilot License allows you to take your family, friends or anyone of your choice without pay and to drive independently. You can introduce them to helicopter flight and the feeling of freedom associated with it, all on all the college equipment available throughout the training. Contact Avinco the specialist. The training takes place over the period of your choice, knowing that we recommend in terms of efficiency, to fly at least twice a month. The cost of private helicopter pilot training depends to a large extent on your ability to integrate the technical and theoretical knowledge provided to you throughout this course. There is no specific price, but a speed that assumes that the 45 hours required by law will be adequate for you.

Night flight rating

It is possible to do several trainings to increase his experience. Also think about the night flight rating. The night flight is an opportunity to discover its city and its region from another angle but also a guarantee of safety in case of sudden arrival and late arrival. On slightly more complex planes, you can pass after your private pilot license.

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